Milquetoast Apparel is a premium streetwear brand founded in south Louisiana. The creation of this brand from scratch is the product of over a year of market research and brand identity development. 
Milquetoast started as a concept that stemmed from my personal life. Milquetoast Apparel is by definition a dichotomous idea. Irony is at the center of the brand. A milquetoast is a shy, timid person, yet when it comes to fashion, I prefer things that attract attention. 
The culmination of all of the research and design is a pop-up shop designed and built by me. I wanted to build and experience like I remembered being a teen in a local skate shop. Viewers were introduced to a store setting that had garment racks, a checkout stand built to appear like a quarter pipe, skate decks hung on the walls and a couch facing a vintage tv with Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 being played on Playstation 1.